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🌸Otome Game Review – Nil Admirari no Tenbin : Teito Genwaku Kitan’🌸

Okay, so i just finished this game yesterday and HOLY RAVIS!!!!😱 DID THAT JUST HAPPENED??. I know that there’s a lot of great Japanese otome games out there and some of you guys might be wondering “Why Nil Admirari? Why not Clock Zero or Kenka Bancho or Wand of Fortune bla..bla..bla..” The answer is simple peeps “MY WALLET IS ON FAIYAH!!!😂”. So yup! I only bought Nil Admirari series last month T__T. Also, this review contains tons of Major Spoilers, My Rage and Bad Words..but feel free to strollin’ around, peeps!

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🌸Otome Game Review – Bad Apple Wars🌸

Well, who doesn’t love Apples? I do, My friends do, Everybody loves it. As a huge fan of otome games, i was pretty pumped when i heard that this game will get localized. Well, i’ve never read the Japanese game reviews before so at first i thought that this game would be some sort of like twisted fairytales story but Nope!! not at all, people.
If some of you guys  haven’t noticed, i already put up a Non-Spoiler guide in my previous post so feel free to check it out if you want to. Also, this review contains a lot of MAJOR SPOILER, so brace yourself..LOL!

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🌸Game Review – Danganronpa V3; Killing Harmony🌸

Good day Apples and Welcome to another page of mine. So, today i’m going to type all of my thoughts about Danganronpa V3;Killing Harmony (I’m gonna let my rage out a little bit).

Danganronpa has been such a huge thing whether it’s on our Game or Anime world. As you guys know that Danganronpa V3; Killing Harmony is the 4th game that just came out this year. The previous games are Danganronpa; Trigger Happy Havoc, Danganronpa 2; Goodbye Despair and Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls. All of them are totally incredible. So if you haven’t played any of it, make sure to give it a try. Also, this post contains tons of major spoilers so i suggest for you to finished the game first before you reading this, or you could always stay if you loved spoilers.

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🌸Otome Game Guide – Bad Apple Wars🌸

Hi Apples! So this is a Non-Spoiler Guide of Bad Apple Wars from me. My route recommendation order is:

Satoru Higa Shikishima White Mask – Alma

Since i think that Alma is the main guy or BAW and also the “BEST” guy, i save his route for the last. Again you don’t have to follow my guide if you don’t want to and I will post some of my thoughts about this game in another post. Well, In the mean time..Feel free to follow it and I hope it helps ^^

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🌸Otome Game Review – Norn9 Var Commons🌸

Good day everyone ^^..

So, i just finished Norn9 Var Commons 2 days ago, and Waow! That otome game was Epic!! (especially Natsuhiko’s route). To be honest, it took me awhile to finally dive into this world, because (let’s just be clear to each other) i don’t like some of the guys. -_-. But despite all of that, this game is so freaking hillarious which makes me love it even more. Again, this is my personal opinion about the game, so it’s up to you whether you want to agree with me or not.

Without further ado, Let’s jump into it peeps..

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🌸Otome Game Review – Code; Realize – Guardian of Rebirth🌸


Well, first of all.. i know i’m super late (again) to fangirling about this game (well, people have been crazy about it since 2015 and here i am, just typing all about it on 2017..-_-).
I know girls..i know.. This game is one of the best otome game of all times..and i know Saint Germain route is the best (Kidding^^.. well..he’s my favorite though)

So without further ado, Let’s get started!!

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🌸Thoughts on Persona 3🌸

Hi Apples! i know that some of you might say “You’re super extremely  late on reviewing these Persona series, girl..-_-“. Gyahahahaha, well..better late than never right?
As a newbie girl on this Personal Blog stuff, i’ll try to keep my review short. Don’t worry, this is not a full review but this might contain a little bit “spoiler?” so prepare yourself ^^.

Okay, so here’s some of my thoughts of the Persona 3 games or anime that i’ve watched or played.

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